NITROSOL - Natural Organic Plant Food

NITROSOL - Natural Organic Plant Food

  • R 89.00

Nitrosol - Natural Organic Plant Food is a liquid, readily absorbed, environmentally safe plant nutrient recommended for the cultivation of all indoor, outdoor, fooliage, flowering, alkaline or acid loving plants: ferns, African violets, palms, orchirds, bonsai, seedlings, ground covers, shrubs (azaleas, camellias, hydreangers, brunfelsias, roses etc.), ornamental trees, fruit trees, citrus trees, berry bearing plants, vegetables, vines, lawns and hydroponics.


Plant variety dependant.


  • Handle with care.
  • Harmful when swallowed.
  • Keep away from children, animals and uninformed persons.
  • Store away from food and feedstuffs.