DYNAROOT NO.1 - Hormone Powder

DYNAROOT NO.1 - Hormone Powder

  • R 37.00

Dynaroot No.1 - Hormone Powder is a specifically formulated hormone powder, that naturally facilitates the rapid stimulation of the softwood cuttings for fast and prolific rooting.


  • Use for softwood plant cuttings.
  • Dip the lower 10 to 20 mm of the cutting in the powder.
  • Tap gently on side to remove surplus powder and plant in chosen medium.


  • The toxicity level of this product is extremely low and pose negligible risk to human, animals and the environment.
  • This product is low toxic however moderate eye irritation or slight skin, respiratory tract irritation may occur.
  • In case of poisoning call a doctor and make the label available.